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Reflexology is a system of massage that helps to effectivey relieve stress and tension in the body. This modality dates back thousands of years, Egyption records demonstrate foot and hand reflexology being applied. This discipline is based on the principle that vital energy circulates through our bodies and into every cell and tissue. Reflexology techniques are used to dissolve energy blocks, simulate our immune, lymphatic, and nervous systems. This quickens the release of toxins in the tissues, and  encourages the body's self -healing abilities. It all happens through touch and pressure, which is applied according to the comfort of each client. Reflexology is beneficial as a regular treatment in self care, or as part of a complemetary treatment plan. Reflexology of feet, hands or ears is safe for all ages and during pregnancy. 

Beneficial for:

  • stress and tension relief

  • assists in reducing pain or discomfort

  • poor circulation

  • may ease pregnancy discomforts, delivery and postpartum effects - not recommended in first trimester

  • improves physical and emotional symptoms of the cancer experience

  • type II diabetes

  • digestive issues

  • respiratory problems

*Contraindications are: deep vein thrombosis, blood cloths, phlebitis  - Due to the strong circulatory effects of Reflexology, a session can worsen these conditions.


I offer this service as a registered member of the Reflexology Association of British Columbia, and maintain the high ethical and professional standards required for this practice, as set out by the association. 

Many insurance plans cover Reflexology as part of their extended health plans.

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