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My desire to heal and teach comes from my heart.

My intention is to take you into yours.

Welcome to Blissful Path Healing and Yoga

Craniosacral & Somatic Emotional Release Therapy, Reflexology, Holy Fire II Reiki Master/Teacher, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Instructor

My desire is to support others on their healing journey through different modalities. With this intention I hold space for you to connect to mind, body and soul. This is a place of wholeness where healing is possible on all levels. I am not the healer, each person has the innate ability to heal themselves, I am here to support you in the process.

My intention is to assist others in connecting with the root cause of their pain, by listening to the body to provide the necessary connection and treatment plan that is followed for each client .


Feel free to reach out to book and if you have any questions.

I am pleased to be offering all my services at Cushna Wellness, in the beautiful historic Dominion Building in Gastown

For more information and schedule:

#809 - 207 West Hastings St

Vancouver, BC


Craniosacral Therapy is gentle and deeply restorative for the nervous system. It is best described as anatomically precise bodywork, that is approached energetically with subtle movements and light touch. It encourages the body’s natural healing abilities.


Craniosacral treats the root cause by assisting the body in self correction. Benefits maybe experienced on all levels of the mind, body and spirit.


Somatic Emotional Release also referred to as SER, is a technique based on body, mind, soul integration. This modality is very gentle and deeply restorative. Some of it is practiced in silence, some with collaborative dialogue.


SER is a beautiful and effective way of connecting to the root cause of illness and disfunction. This is valuable, because you are connecting deeply to yourself, your soul, it is of benefit on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally.


This is a very gentle, subtle and nurturing technique, that allows infants and children to be the experts they truly are. I am guided as a neutral listener and grounded witness, to support and assist in their gentle releasing, and allowing them to tell their birth story.

“The great gift of acknowledging  birth trauma, is that we recognize babies as conscious human beings, who have experience and communicate that experience to us”.

- Matthew Appleton


Reflexology revitalizes body functioning and facilitates the release and elimination of accumulated toxins. It is non-invasive health technique that is complimentary to any other therapy or as part of preventative self care practice.

It is practiced by applying stimulation and pressure to reflex points in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to every area of the body. This helps the body to relax, stimulates the endocrine system and helps the body achieve homeostasis, which is the optimal state of wellness.


Reiki is life force energy that is infinitely available. It cannot cause harm, it is the purest essence of LOVE…Love is a powerful healer. This beautiful energy is transmitted through the practitioner, and pours out of their hands to the recipient. The person receiving will experience a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Reiki is offered as part of the Craniosacral or as a stand alone treatment.


As well all levels of Reiki certification courses are available for those interested in practicing this art of healing themselves. Courses offered privately, semi-privately or in groups.

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Yoga is the unity of mind, body and soul. It is a practice that we have borrowed from India, it’s origins can be traced back 5000 years. It was first mentioned in the sacred texts called the Veda. A set of four ancient sacred texts written in Sanskrit.

For me yoga, is about connection. In the practice of breath, movement and stillness, I connect to myself, I cultivate awareness of what is happening within me and also around me. This has great value beyond the mat and Asana, the physical expression of yoga. This is why this practice continues to be popular and never gets old.

Distance Craniosacral, Somatic Release, Energy Healing

For those that cannot come for treatment in person, I offer distance healing via audio or virtual call.

Because I work with you through your energy body, it can be done from anywhere. It transcends time and space, to allow you to receive the same benefits as treatment in person.

Have a question? I'd love to chat!

Please don't hesitate to reach out and start a conversation! I am always more than happy to answer any questions you have. ​

You can send me an email, or fill out the contact form here

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