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A little bit about me and my journey...

Hello, I am Virginia, thank you for taking the time to visit my webpage.

From an early age, I've had a deep appreciation for nature and the energy that mother nature shares with us. That is why I absolutely love living in lower mainland, where there are so many opportunities to experience nature's beauty. I can spend time in the forest amongst the trees, forest bathing, and enjoy the sounds and scent of the ocean air. It fills me with gratitude and elevates my soul. Nature is truly my nurturer.


Personal growth and healing is a lifelong journey, mine has taken me on many paths of discovery. I worked in the banking industry for many years, still my curiosity about healing and connecting mind body and soul inspired me to continue seeking. Having investigated various healing disciplines, I chose to develop skills in the modalities where I experienced the deepest connection and transformation, such as Reiki Energy Healing, Craniosacral therapy, Reflexology and Yoga. My current pursuit is Medical Mediumship Training, can't wait to weave in my new skills with all of my offerings. 

All of these techniques have helped me to connect deeply to myself and brought me healing at a soul level. If we heal any aspect of our soul, the benefits are experienced on physically, mentally and emotionally. Healing can look messy and often brings up painful memories, challenging memories and emotions to process...but absolutely worth the time and effort. It is the path to freedom.

Working with Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy, has become the foundation of my offerings. It truly shines a light on the root cause of the pain and disfunction that is being held in the body. This unveiling has been extremely helpful for me personally and for my clients. 

I love the process of listening to the body, witnessing the unfolding of the story the body needs to tell , and assisting with compassionate support. This process creates a unique treatment session to suit the needs of each individual. 

I look forward to the honour of being a part of your healing journey.

Love and Blessings,


My Training and Certificates

Craniosacral Therapist Level 1 to 4 - Kari Toft - Visionary Craniosacral Healing

Craniosacral for Babies and Children - Jamie Lee Mock - Healing with Jamie Lee

Reflexology - Foot, Hand, Ear - Ron Liebel - Advanced Reflexology Institute

CYA-RYT 500 - includes 200 hrs of Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Outreach and 200 Hours with Julia Shields of Free Spirit Yoga 

Method Pilates Mat 101 - Physicalmind Institute 

Canadian Reiki Association Registered Teacher (CRA-RT) Level 1 - Reiki Master/Teacher- Asha Parashar-Reynolds 

Holy Fire II Reiki Level 1 - Master/Teacher - Grace Talson

Holy Fire III Reiki Master Upgrade- William Lee Rand

Currently Training in Medical Mediumship, soon to be part of my offerings, stay tuned for updates

Have a question? I'd love to chat!

Please don't hesitate to reach out and start a conversation! I am always more than happy to answer any questions you have.

You can send me an email, or fill out the contact form here

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