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Reiki Treatment

 Usui Advanced  Reiki Training ART (Level 3)

ART (Advanced Reiki Training) is the next level of training that will increase your own healing energies or if are working towards becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. This training requires an 8 hour commitment and previous completion of Level 1 & Level 2.

What you will learn and receive in this class:

-  Review Level 1 & 2

-  Receive  "Reiki Master Manual Including Advanced Reiki Training" by William Lee Rand

-  Talk about how Attunement process and how it works

-  Grounding and Gassho meditation

-  Receive ART Level III Attunement

-  Introduction to Master symbol Usui Dai Ko Myo, it's meaning, learn to draw it, how to               integrate it into a Reiki session, how it works and empowers the Level II symbols

-  Discuss the use of crystals and stones with Reiki Energy Healing

-  Create a Reiki grid and learn about Anthakarana symbol, learn how to activate it and               how to use it

-  Learn and practice the Moving meditation

-  Learn about Reiki Aura Clearing and practice it

-  Give a Reiki healing session using Usui Master symbol

-  Practice Reiki meditation - strengthens the mind and expands consciousness

-  Receive a Reiki ART Level III Certificate

-  Discussion on how to build your practice, tools and resources

-  Information about becoming a CRA Registered Practitioner

After completing this course, you will have the tools to strengthen and advance your own Reiki practice. Msupport and guidance is available to you when you need it on your Reiki journey, beyond completion of this class.

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