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Reiki Treatment

Usui Level 2 Reiki Practitioner Training

In Level II you will receive 2nd Degree Attunement and three Reiki symbols. This will strengthen your ability to channel Reiki Energy, including distance healing. This class is an 8 hour commitment.
You will learn and receive the following:
-  Review Level 1
-  Grounding and Gassho meditation
-  Receive Reiki Level II Attunement 
-  Theory and practical use of all three symbols
-  Learning to draw the symbols
-  How to activate the symbols and integrate them into a Reiki session
-  How to use the Power symbol to prepare the space and yourself for a Reiki session 
-  How to use the mental/emotional symbol to heal unwanted habits
-  Practice different methods of giving Reiki
-  Discussion on different uses for the symbols in daily life
-  Practice 2 methods of sending distance healing
-  Give a complete Reiki session to volunteer on a Reiki table
-  Receive a Reiki Level II certificate
-  Review Reiki Ethics
-  We will discuss CRA membership guidelines and process
With completion of Level II, you may choose to become a registered practitioner and offer services on a professional level. You will be able to give Reiki in person or sending distance healing. As well, I will be available beyond the completion of this class to support and guide you to the next level of your  Reiki journey.
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