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Usui Holy Fire III Level 2 Reiki Initiation and Training

In Level II you will receive Initiation and 2 more Reiki symbols. This will strengthen your ability to channel Reiki Energy, including distance healing. This class is an 8 hour commitment.

You will learn and receive the following:
-  Review Level 1
-  Holy Love Healing Experience
-  Receive Holy Fire Placement 
-  Theory and practical use of all three symbols
-  Learning to draw the symbols
-  How to use the mental/emotional symbol to heal unwanted habits
-  How to do a complete Reiki treatment incorporating all of the symbols

-  Practice different methods of sending distance Reiki
-  Discussion on different uses for the symbols in daily life
-  Practice 2 methods of sending distance healing
-  Give and receive Reiki 
-  Receive a Holy Fire III Reiki Level 2 certificate
-  Review Reiki Ethics
-  We will discuss CRA membership guidelines and process

With completion of Holy Fire III Level II, you may choose to become a registered practitioner and offer services on a professional level. You will be able to give Reiki in person or sending distance healing. As well, I will be available beyond the completion of this class to support and guide you to the next level of your  Reiki journey.
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