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Holy Fire III Reiki Level 1, Initiation & Training


In this class, you will learn how to give yourself Reiki and share with others, The Holy Fire Initiation clears away old energy patterns, including trauma, childhood issues, generational patterns, control issues, helps to release anything out of balance. It heals relationships and helps you to embrace forgiveness for yourself and others.The Initiation or Placement is a powerful process that calls you to do your own healing.

This training is suitable for anyone interested in offering Reiki Energy treatment sessions professionally or sharing with family, friends, pets and self treatments.

Reiki can be used in numerous ways, including professionals that work with vulnerable populations, hold space for any form of therapy, medical and dental procedures, teaching or care giving.

Also, anyone that works with touch, such as hair dressers, body workers, child care workers, and care attendants. Energy Healing is a loving addition that enhances your existing offering.


What does this look like in a professional setting?

You would continue with your treatment plan as you normally do, and hold space with the intention of bringing Energy Healing in to support the activity for the best outcome for the recipients.

What are the benefits?

  • Reiki can bring in a more peaceful vibe to the space, benefiting all involved, and easing the process for the space holder.

  • This loving energy has a way of softening those receiving it, and may create more receptivity for your clients

  • For those professionals where touch is part of their offering, Reiki provides soothing and calming energy that can be applied directly or inderectly

  • Although touch is not required to share Reiki, intention is always your most powerful ally. 

Class outline:

  • Receive a professional manual

  • Ocean of Holy Fire Experience

  • Reiki talk, what is Rei-ki and how it works, it's uses, the different levels, how the placement process works, history and evolution of Reiki, 3 heavens

  • Receive Holy Fire III Level 1 Placement (Initiation, previously called Attunements))

  • Reiki Ideals, 3 Pillars of Reiki, including Gassho meditation 

  • Learning the hand treatment positions

  • Hands on self treatment, using all hand positions

  • Byosen scanning, the intuitive part of Reiki practice, how we use it, grow with it

  • Discuss the practice of standard treatment, energetic grounding and protection

  • Hands on learning on how to prepare yourself to give a chair session and a full professional treatment session on Reiki table

  • Discuss how many ways Reiki can be used in your profession

  • Time for Q & A 

  • Discuss code of ethics, forms required, standards of practice, Reiki Association Membership

  • Receive certificate recognized by Canadian Reiki Association

With completion of Holy Fire III Level 1 course, you will be a certified Reiki Level 1 Practitioner. You will be able to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others. 

Also, I will be available to guide and support you to the next level of your Reiki journey.


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